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Antique Mahal Size Circa 1920

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9'5" x13'7"

Often the finest in the antique Mahal style of antique rugs render spacious, very unique variations upon classical Persian allover antique carpet patterns, such as the Herati (repeated diamond and curling leaf), the Mina Khani (repeated circular flowerhead) and Harshang (highly stylized dragon and blossom), often in subtle, glowing pastels and earth tones. Many Mahals utilize these allover motifs, while others present the central medallion format, seen often in other Persian carpet styles.

The Oriental carpets from Mahal were a product of the cottage industry in and around this Northwest Persian village, and were often produced on the family level.


The majority of our items are vintage or second-hand and so naturally may show signs of wear, as most of them have stories to tell or they may have slight manufacturing quirks specific to the decade they were made. These imperfections are partly why we love them, so don’t worry they’ll still be exciting additions to your home & life.

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Antique Mahal Size Circa 1920Antique Mahal Size Circa 1920Antique Mahal Size Circa 1920Antique Mahal Size Circa 1920