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Cochineal Dark - Original Painting by Júlia Godoy

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36 inches x 48 inches | 92 cm x 122 cm

Beetle, Los Angeles stone, bone, oil on canvas


Painted entirely with natural earth pigments I foraged in the Santa Monica Mountains, bones, and cochineal beetles.

The natural pigments are refined from foraged stones collected directly from nature. They are ground by hand using a mortar and pestle, while the bones are buried in a fire and roasted for 10 - 12 hours until charred.

Cochineal beetles have been used for centuries to create a brilliant red, known as the Carmine pigment. I collect the beetles from a specific type of cactus and process them into artist grade pigments.

This painting is created using many layers of buried paint, and highlights the beautiful opaqueness of natural pigments.

Once refined, the natural earth pigment is burnished onto cotton with oil.

Signed by the artist. Certificate of Authenticity included.


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Cochineal Dark - Original Painting by Júlia GodoyCochineal Dark - Original Painting by Júlia Godoy